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This page is dedicated to Cass Scenic Railroad and Philip V. Bagdon. Cass, one of the smartest saves that any one state could have made. It's not only a tourist railroad, but it is a living monument to the days of steam, logging,  and our past. To Philip, whom passed in 2003, by far the most knowledgeable name in Cass history since Catty Neighbors .


It is not just a loop or a little five mile stretch of track in the middle of no where, this is a true ex-logging railroad that was built at the turn of the Century. The scenic railroad will guide you up a average 5% grade once called Cass Hill to Whittaker station, then just a pasture, where a railroad section camp was placed to house immigrant workers from 1901 to the 1930's. Then, if you choose, it will take you to Bald Knob, where a real logging camp was placed in 1901.



History - a short introduction to what Cass once was.

Roster - Cass Shays from 1901-1963.



  Cass is home to a  Climax, one of the few remaining.  As of now, it is under restoration by Mountain State a local Historical Society. They are well on their  way in rebuilding this Moore and Keppel Co. # 9 (Middle Fork RR Co.#6) Climax.  Please visit their website and give your support.

moore_keppel_n_co_6.jpg (53624 bytes)  Climax

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